Friday, May 1, 2009

New York State Residents Workplace Anti-bullying Survey

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Health Fair at Villa Maria College. I spent the day talking to individuals about workplace bullying and our efforts to convince legislators to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill in New York State. Every person with whom I spoke, shared a story about being bullied in the workplace or knowing someone who had been bullied. There are so many people who are suffering in silence because they are afraid to speak up about what is happening to them. Just as we encourage our children to tell us if someone is touching them in an inappropriate manner, we must encourage employees to tell someone about their bullying experience. No longer can workplace bullying be a taboo topic. It needs to be openly discussed. It needs to stop!!!! There needs to be a law to protect employees from abusive bosses and colleagues. 

After interacting with individuals at events such as the Health Fair and hearing their stories, my commit and passion for creating a healthier workplace environment increases. My energy is fueled by the stories I hear and my strong desire to help individuals escape from their bullying situation. I am reminded of the tears that are shed as people share their stories. I am also encouraged by the courage some have displayed as they share their stories. The pain is so evident. The emotions are so raw. The wounds are so deep, yet these individuals muster up the courage to speak up. How can I ignore these survivors of workplace bullying? I cannot!!!! And I am asking you not to ignore them as well. 

You can have your voice heard by taking a few seconds to complete this online survey and passing it along to people you know who live in New York state. Enter your name to win a $50 Macy’s gift card, just by completing this survey.  The drawing will be on May 30, 2009. Click on the link below.

New York Residents!!! Please complete the following online survey and pass it along to friends, family, colleagues and etc who live in NY.

Thank you in advance.