Thursday, December 11, 2008

Increase in Bullying

Yet another week has gone by and I have been contacted by individuals who are being bullied in their workplaces. Some have been physically assaulted, while others have been verbally or emotionally assaulted. After hearing these stories and reflecting on my own past experiences of being bullied, I felt compelled to start writing my next book and to begin researching the issue in greater detail. My first book "Hope For A Healthy Workplace" touched upon this topic, however, my next one will be solely dedicated to addressing and eliminating bullying in the workplace. Bullying in the workplace is becoming more and more rampant and I believe that it is only going to get worse as organizations go through difficult times. Those individuals who are not well liked are, unfortunately, going to be on the receiving end of abusive behavior from others. Bullies need someone to blame and so they will go after people they perceive as being weak or unimportant. If you find yourself in this situation, I encourage you to stand up to the bullies. Let them know that you are not going to be pushed around. When you value and believe in yourself, you will muster up the strength and courage to say "No. I will NOT be bullied". It isn't until you begin to take control of your life and to stand up for yourself that you will begin the journey of eliminating the bullying that currently exists. Don't believe the lies, you are somebody. You do not have to take the bullying anymore. You are a valuable human being who is worthy of being treated with dignity.

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