Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Memory of Jodie Zebell

Please review this clip. Jodie Zebell lost her life as a result of workplace bullying. Please do what you can to stop bullying in your workplace.


DeborahS said...

I agree that workplace bullying is a problem that has gone unvalidated and at times even encouraged. I left a job that I loved and had been doing for over 19 years due to encouraged social isolation, and general disrespect, for my opinions and judgment calls that was part of my job description. (I was a dept Lead)I remember my supervisor rolling her eyes at me, ridiculing me in front of the people I was supposed to be Leading. Just before I left I was having anxiety attacks, would cry at home each time I thought of work and generally felt worthless to the company that I was at one time proud to be a part of . Because of this I was described as suffering from "burn out" which was not entirely wrong. My staff did not listen to anything I said. My supervisor would not give any support. It has been 10 mo. since I left and still every time I think of that place I grieve. It brings me to tears. The thought of my supervisor can cause me to break down into tears. I thought about going to HR but I was told when we bought by this new company that I should never break rank. I do not have the confidence to even seek and new job.In spite of all my evaluations being good to the degree that I received several pay raises. It was the most confusing experience that I had every gone through.

pc said...

I used to jump up excited to have my job, I was positive and full of energy but now after 10 years of total hell I am like they are miserable and negative. I have little to no confidence, and feel like I am incapable of making a rational decision. Working with bullies makes one feel incompetent. I used to cry everyday before I came to work. I tried to get help but because she has been with the system for over 20 years it is impossible, I have watched her bully people until they quit. I thought I left high school behind, apparently some people haven't. Finally after being turned down for a promotion several times..(she was on the board) I quit giving this job all of my creativity and it hurts to say this, it became just a place to make a dollar. I started getting physical symptoms from the stress of being bullied and my co workers who were on my side begged me to take night shift. I transfered to night shift to get away from the bullies. I have gained 40 lbs and am in poor health because night shift does not agree with me. I am killing my self to keep this job. and all because some peoples immaturity. Thankfully the doors will be closing soon, and God willing I will heal. I understand why Jodie did it, what can you do: You start to think its you. Thats theres something wrong with you because surely no rational adult behaves that way..but they do. And then they are attacking you in your livelihood, where you need to make money to support your self and family. After a while you began to feel hopeless and even crazy, like you are incapable of working and afraid to go out and get another job because they have made you feel incompetent. I hope the bullies who cause this get their day.

AndyTheNurse said...

Sadly workplace bullying is endemic and does not solely stem fro those above us, it happens at all levels and in all directions. I was, up until recently, a manager of a busy mental health team and for nearly three years I faced almost continual bullying from a number of staff within my team.

Now I can hear the more stoical managers amongst you saying "this should be managed out, by an effective manager?" Maybe so, but when there are a core of people who are resistant to change it is quite difficult. In all truth it nearly pushed me after over 20 years in nursing to leaving a profession that I loved dearly, such is the cost (and worse for many others in the same position)who have to face this relentless torture.

Thankfully I eventually got a manager above me who understood the plight that I was facing and they hellped me to move on from the daily nightmare that I faced. Don't get me wrong the bullys' are still there but now we know who they are and how to disrupt their pattern of behaviour.

My thoughts are this to any one facing bullying at what ever level. Please, please, please speak out do not suffer in silence do not feel that you are alone your voice will be heard and there will be someone out there who understands what yo are going through.

Stay strong friend and together you will stop the pain that these people cause.