Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hope For Auto Workers

The current turmoil that we are seeing with the Big Three automakers comes as no surprise to me. As long as leaders and managers continue to devalue employees and to treat them as inanimate objects, these companies will continue to struggle to survive. Leaders and managers must realize that how they treat employees has a significant impact on the organizations' bottom line. If employees are treated in a negative manner, the results of the organizations' efforts will be negative.

For several years, I worked as a supervisor for two of the automakers who are on the brink of bankruptcy. I must say that I was appalled by the way in which some managers treated employees. They belittled, harassed, and emotionally abused employees. Unfortunately, these managers were bullies and were not afraid to use their positions to intimidate both salaried and hourly employees. Prior to being employed at one of these automakers, I had not witnessed bullying in the workplace. As a result of my observations and experiences I felt compelled to write about the need to eliminate bullying in the workplace and to create more healthier workplaces.

Though some individuals have complained about the high wages the average auto workers receive, I must say that they deserve those wages because of the abuse they have to endure. Some managers are of the mindset that because employees are being paid so well, the managers can treat them any way they want because they know the employees will put up with it, as they will not be able to find a comparable wage if they were to leave the organization.

Auto workers are working in very toxic and unhealthy workplaces, which have a negative effect on their overall well being. In my book Hope For A Healthy Workplace, I seek to bring hope to employees who have been mistreated and also encourage organizations and leaders to begin to uphold the value of the employees. To all of the auto workers I encourage you to see the value in yourself and to begin to take the steps needed to eliminate bullying in your workplace. You are valuable human beings and should be treated as such by individuals who are in positions of leadership and management. Though I no longer work in the auto industry, please know that I value you and the work that you do each day.

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