Saturday, November 22, 2008

How healthy is your organization?

A healthy organization can be defined as one that consciously seeks to create a positive work environment for all of its employees. More specifically, such an organization actively promotes and supports efforts that contribute to employees’ social, physical, emotional and mental health.
Prioritizing employee health and wellness makes good business sense for this reason: Organizational strength directly depends on employee health and wellness. Research indicates that when employees are healthy and strong, organizations are healthy and strong. When employees are unhealthy and weak, organizations are unhealthy and weak.
Unhealthy organizations have neither the strength nor the endurance to successfully compete, let alone survive in a highly competitive marketplace. In contrast, healthy organizations are likely to prosper and achieve desired goals. Here, healthy employees drive business results.
You will recognize healthy organizations by their high levels of productivity and employee involvement and their low rates of absenteeism, employee illness and injury. You’ll also find high levels of collaboration and trust in healthy organizations and a strong sense of community and partnership. In general, employee morale is positive in healthy organizations because people are committed to the corporate vision and genuinely enjoy turning that vision into reality.

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