Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking for a job

I encourage individuals who may have been recently laid off or who have been told that they will be laid off to begin to discover their true purpose in life. As you begin to seek out another job, try to choose one that is in alignment with your personal values and what you are most passionate about. Too many employees have been stuck in dead end positions and have gotten used to going to a job and expecting little satisfaction. Your next job doesn't have to be that way. I encourage you to take the time to determine what your interests are and to pursue them. You will need to be creative as you go about your job search and may have to take a cut in pay, however, if you are involved in activities in which you are passionate about, you will find a way to adjust to the decrease in pay. Trust me. I know what it is like to lose a job and to be faced with uncertainty. Though today may look bleak, please know that tomorrow will be better. You will survive the turmoil you are going through. This is a time for you to truly learn how to believe in yourself and to cling to hope. I also encourage you to have a strong support system to rely on as you go through these difficult times. You will need to have someone in your life to carry the burden and to encourage you to persevere. Looking for a job can be a lonely and frustrating process. No matter how many rejection letters you receive, don't internalize the rejection, just recognize that it is part of the process. Remain focused on your goals and eventually you will land a job. Don't give up on the job search and definitely, don't give up on yourself. You can do it!!! You are going to be just fine. Blessings.

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